Friday, February 20, 2009

Digia Phonebook

It has really been a while since I posted something. Luckily Teppo has been writing some great stuff meanwhile! Anyway, inspired by Teppo's post about fullscreen caller ID, I'm going to post a shameless advertisement in here now. It's all about Digia Phonebook. The thing is that I'm using the software myself and I think it's great.

The fundamental idea behind Digia Phonebook is that you don't have to manage the contacts of your colleagues and customers manually. The software can be integrated to a backend directory service system like Active Directory, LDAP or CRM. This allows an access to (possibly) thousands of up-to-date contacts with detailed information. The contact information isn't limited to your own company but you can also transfer customer's contact information into the software. This can also be limited via access rights. All of the users are identified based on their phone number.

Using Digia Phonebook is simple. You can search for a contact by their name, title, organization or location and immediately call or SMS the search results.

The application is always on, so when someone in your contacts calls you, information for incoming call is displayed. The information and colors that will be shown are customizable to suit your own preferences.

Digia Phonebook client is available to pretty much all major mobile platforms now, including S60 2nd, 3rd and 5th edition, UIQ 3.x, iPhone, Android G1 and all the devices with Java MIDP 2.x and CLCD 1.1 or later. The server side solution just simply needs a Windows or Linux host with Apache, MySQL and PHP. The server can be located either in customer's premises or be hosted in Digia's premises.

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